African Flower Blanket

A little while ago I was on Pinterest looking at pretty pictures, as we all do, when I came across the crocheted African Flower pattern. I thought it was just SO pretty I really had to learn how to do it. Problem was, I had never crocheted anything ever before. My mom is a pro at it, but she is left handed, so whenever she's tried to teach me it's been rather confusing. However, living in the age of Google I decided to see if I could find any tutorials on the pattern online. It turns out the African Flower (also known as the Paperweight Granny) is a popular little flower! 

I was fortunate enough to come across a link to a really great YouTube video done by Olivia from Girlybunches. I found her instructions so easy to follow and very quickly managed to make my very own little African Flower! 

Once I had made one flower, I had to make another...and then another...and so on and on...until I joined them all together to create a blanket that I must say, I really, REALLY love!

To make my blanket I used Elle Pure Gold yarn. I used Double Knit, but if I ever did another one I would try the 4 Ply rather. The Double Knit was fine, but it has made quite a thick blanket (which may make it nice and warm for winter!) I used a 4mm crochet hook and the colours I chose are:

- Riviera
- Taupe
- Clover
- Buttercup
- Blossom
- Plum
- Soft Moss

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