Hexa-Whirl - A free crochet pattern!

Scheepjes Whirl yarn is my new favourite yarn!!! I absolutely love the ombre effect of the colours changing...it's so magical! Whirl comes in 39 different colour ways so the hardest part about working with it is to choose which one to use! Each cake of yarn has a whopping 1000 metres of yarn! That's 1 kilometre!

When Whirls first came out, I got so excited about the colours, I just bought a few to look at and adore for a while, and didn't actually have a project in mind for them yet.

After a while an idea began to form and so the Hexa-Whirl pattern was started.

And I really love the result!

What you'll need:

- 2 x Scheepjes Whirl cakes (or more if depending on the size you would like to make your blanket)
- 1 x Scheepjes Catona yarn that matches the inside of your Whirl
- 1 x Scheepjes Catona yarn that matches the outside of your Whirl
- Crochet hook (I used a 3mm, but Scheepjes recommends a 3.5mm-4mm hook for Whirl)
- Needle for finishing off
- Scissors
- Hexa-Whirl pattern which can be downloaded here for UK terms or here for US terms
- 4 Beads to add to tassels (optional)

I used 2 cakes of Scheepjes Whirl in the colour way "Raspberry Rocky Roads" and Scheepjes Catona in 114 Shocking Pink and 393 Charcoal.

This pattern uses the join-as-you-go method (as explained in the pattern) so in the last round you will join the hexagons to each other. To get the ombre effect I started in the corner and fanned out, adding hexagons in an outward direction toward the opposite corner. If you are working from more than one cake of Whirl then you will need to work from all cakes simultaneously. So make a hexagon from cake 1, then make a hexagon from cake 2 and join it, and so on. Once you've made a hexagon from each cake, start with cake 1 again and repeat the process.

Don't get too stressed about making sure the colours shade properly, it can be a bit higgle di piggle - the most important thing is to have fun!

Once you're finished making and joining all your hexagons the final thing to do is to make 2 tassels from each ball of Catona yarn and attach to the alternate corners.

My hexagons measure 6cm across - it isn't important that yours are the same, but be aware that if they are bigger you may need more yarn or you can just make less hexagons.

My finished blanket is 97 x 110cm and is 15 hexagons by 16.

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*Disclaimer - if my pattern resembles anyone else's, it is purely coincidental*

Colour you own Cell Phone Cover

It's no secret that I love adult colouring! So when I recently saw one of my favourite artists create a range of cell phone covers that could be coloured in, I was over the moon. Sadly upon further investigation I discovered it was near impossible to get these covers in South Africa at the moment. So I wondered if I could create one myself, and turns out...I could!

I went to my local shopping centre and found a reasonably cheap, clear cover that fits my cell phone (I have an iPhone 5S). Then all you need is a photocopied page from your favourite colouring book, a sharp pencil, scissors and of course some pencil crayons.

Place the cell phone cover over your photocopied picture and line it up as desired. Then, using a sharp pencil, trace around the cover and the little hole for the phone's camera. 
*Note: You can turn the cover over so that it is flat against the paper - this will make it easier to trace around, but remember your picture will be flipped then. I did it that way - I placed my page against a window so that I could see the design through the paper and I traced onto the back of the page.

Using a sharp pair of scissors cut along your traced lines. You might need to trim it down slightly to get it to fit into the cover nicely.

Then comes the best part - colour in your new phone cover! 

I did three of them, which means I can easily and quickly change up my cover as and when I feel like a change.

And voilá! It's as easy as that! Have fun!

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Demelza Inspired cushion

A while ago I came across the gorgeous Demelza CAL (Crochet-a-Long) designed by Catherine Bligh. The blanket design was inspired by the character Demelza from the BBC TV series Poldark, which is one of my favourites!

I would love to do the full blanket one day, but I have so many projects on the go at the moment that I thought for now, I would only use a part of the pattern and make a fun cushion cover. I found one of the little corner squares in the design really unusual and attractive. I used the left over yarn I had from my Dance in my Granny's Garden blanket (which you can read about here) and this is what I created with it:

I made 16 of the Small Corner squares. You can find the pattern for the FREE Demelza blanket here (the Small Corner Square I used can be found on page 3 in the file with pictures and on page 10 in the file without pictures).

It's all in a Nutshell Crochet has also created wonderful tutorial videos for this square and you can find this here.

I then joined the squares using the flat zipper or slipstitch join. It's a very quick and easy way to join squares and gives a really great finish. You can see how to do that by watching this video.

For the back of my cushion I did a very simple square using the corner to corner method. There is also a very handy video to explain how to do this really great stitch here. I added in a few rows of colour to create some interest, but you could do just one solid colour if you preferred. I really love the way the back of my cushion turned out and now I can use it both ways around.

To join the two sides and finish off the cushion, I did the same border stitch used in my Dance in my Granny's Garden blanket. You can watch this tutorial for it here.

This was a really great project to do, I really enjoyed it and I just love the finished product. Cushions are an easy and affordable way to brighten up a room and give it a new lease on life. This is a really happy little cushion, which adds a fun punch of colour to any drab corner.

Happy crocheting!

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