Demelza Inspired cushion

A while ago I came across the gorgeous Demelza CAL (Crochet-a-Long) designed by Catherine Bligh. The blanket design was inspired by the character Demelza from the BBC TV series Poldark, which is one of my favourites!

I would love to do the full blanket one day, but I have so many projects on the go at the moment that I thought for now, I would only use a part of the pattern and make a fun cushion cover. I found one of the little corner squares in the design really unusual and attractive. I used the left over yarn I had from my Dance in my Granny's Garden blanket (which you can read about here) and this is what I created with it:

I made 16 of the Small Corner squares. You can find the pattern for the FREE Demelza blanket here (the Small Corner Square I used can be found on page 3 in the file with pictures and on page 10 in the file without pictures).

It's all in a Nutshell Crochet has also created wonderful tutorial videos for this square and you can find this here.

I then joined the squares using the flat zipper or slipstitch join. It's a very quick and easy way to join squares and gives a really great finish. You can see how to do that by watching this video.

For the back of my cushion I did a very simple square using the corner to corner method. There is also a very handy video to explain how to do this really great stitch here. I added in a few rows of colour to create some interest, but you could do just one solid colour if you preferred. I really love the way the back of my cushion turned out and now I can use it both ways around.

To join the two sides and finish off the cushion, I did the same border stitch used in my Dance in my Granny's Garden blanket. You can watch this tutorial for it here.

This was a really great project to do, I really enjoyed it and I just love the finished product. Cushions are an easy and affordable way to brighten up a room and give it a new lease on life. This is a really happy little cushion, which adds a fun punch of colour to any drab corner.

Happy crocheting!

Hygge - A FREE Printable Poster!

This year's Crochet-a-Long (CAL) from Scheepjes is called Hygge. If, like me, you've never heard of this word before let alone how to pronounce it, then read's actually a really lovely concept. 

First, how to pronounce it? Well, that's pretty easy - it's pronounced "hoo-ga". Got it? Good. It's a fun word to say. Say it a few times. "Hoo-ga", "Hoo-ga" "Hoooooo-ga". Ok, moving on... 

So, what on earth does this fun-sounding word mean? That, I think, is a little more complicated to explain. It's more of a feeling or a concept than a word. It is a Danish word, and it basically means "cosiness". It is the ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures and making the ordinary more meaningful, beautiful and special. Isn't that lovely! We need more of that in today's world!

The designer of the Hygge CAL is Kirsten Ballering from the blog Haak Maar Raak. The design is Scandinavian themed and combines my two crafty loves - crochet and cross-stitch. So of course I am going to be participating! 

The biggest dilemma I'm having is which colour way to choose. Kirsten, together with Scheepjes, have come up with 3 colour options which can be purchased as part of a kit. The colours are Rainbow, Jewel and Pastel. Another Scheepjes Blogger, Simy, added her own colour option too, which has received a lot of love, called the Danish Mermaid. 

The CAL officially starts on Wednesday the 15th of February and will run for 14 weeks. So, while we all wait until then and in the spirit of Hygge I have designed a FREE printable poster to help set the scene and get you in the hygge mood.

As there are 4 colour options for the CAL kits, I thought there should also be 4 matching posters! Choose your favourite, print it out and get cosy.

Download the Rainbow Hygge Poster here.
Download the Jewel Hygge Poster here.
Download the Pastel Hygge Poster here.
Download the Danish Mermaid Hygge Poster here.

Rainbow Hygge Poster.

Jewel, Pastel and Danish Mermaid Posters.


And since Scheepjes has just introduced one more colour option - the "Girls Night In" kit - of course I had to do a matching Hygge poster for it too! So, if you are one of the lucky few who are getting this last limited edition kit and would like a matching poster, then click below to download your free poster:

Download the Girls Night In Poster here.

Enjoy! X

*The top photo is courtesy of Scheepjes*

Enchanted Garden Crochet Square - FREE Pattern!

I had always thought crocheting was too complicated and difficult to do, and that it would be one of those things I admire, but is beyond my abilities to do. Then I saw a crocheted blanket on Pinterest that I absolutely had to know how to do (read about that here). So I followed a YouTube video and discovered that crochet is actually super easy and just makes so much sense to my brain. 

Ever since then I have been fascinated by the way people can combine a few different stitches in a variety of different ways to make the most amazing patterns! And as I gained more experience with different crochet projects my confidence grew and an idea started brewing - I wanted to be one of those people, I wanted to attempt my own crochet design. 

And here is the result - taaahhh-daaahhhh!

I tried a few different designs until I found the one that  really made my heart sing! I'm so thrilled with how it turned out and very excited to share my pattern with you.

I've crocheted the above 2 squares with the really-lovely-to-work-with Nuturing Fibres Eco-Fusion yarn, using a size 3.5mm hook, in the colours Cornflower, Vanilla and Orchid (how pretty do those names sound for an Enchanted Garden square!!!). And the square below was made using Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn, using a 4mm hook, in the colours Meppel, Dordrecht and Eelde. Both yarns can be purchased from BeInspired.

To download the FREE pattern click on either of the links below, for the pattern in UK or US crochet terms:

Download the pattern in UK terms here
Download the pattern in US terms here

I hope you have fun and enjoy my pattern. Be sure to share anything you make with it using the hashtag #madewithdbc - I'd love to see it!

*Disclaimer - if my pattern resembles anyone else's, it is purely coincidental*