Hexa-Whirl Shawl

Two months ago I released my free Hexa-Whirl crocheted blanket pattern and the response was wonderful!!! It's so amazing when you put something of yourself out there and people respond so well! (Read about that project here) 

A few people were concerned about the difficulty of combining two, or more Whirls (and that also doesn't suit everyone's budget), so together with the lovely ladies at Be Inspired we came up with the idea of creating a shawl using just one Whirl.

And the result is something that I think is really beautiful.

What you'll need:

- 1 x Scheepjes Whirl cake (which you can get from Be Inspired)
- 1 x Scheepjes Catona yarn that matches the inside of your Whirl
- 1 x Scheepjes Catona yarn that matches the outside of your Whirl
- Crochet hook (I used a 3mm, but Scheepjes recommends a 3.5mm-4mm hook for Whirl)
- Needle for finishing off
- Scissors
- Hexa-Whirl pattern which can be downloaded here for UK terms or here for US terms

(Swedish translation can be downloaded here / Svenska mönstret kan hämtas här)

For my sample I used a Whirl in the colour "767 Melting Macaron" and Catona colours "101 Candle Light" and "397 Cyan".

This pattern uses the join-as-you-go method (as explained in the pattern) so in the last round you will join the hexagons to each other. If you follow the sequence in the diagram below, the Whirl blends really well.

Once you're finished making and joining all your hexagons, the final thing to do is to make 2 tassels from each ball of Catona yarn and attach them to the alternate corners. 

My hexagons measure 6cm across - it isn't important that yours are the same, but just be aware that your shawl will be a different size if they aren't.

My finished shawl is 32 x 164cm and is 5 hexagons by 23.

And an added bonus...this project doesn't require any blocking.

Don't forget to tag your projects on Facebook and Instagram using #madewithdbc I'd love to see your creations!

*Disclaimer - if my pattern resembles anyone else's, it is purely coincidental*


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