Colour you own Cell Phone Cover

It's no secret that I love adult colouring! So when I recently saw one of my favourite artists create a range of cell phone covers that could be coloured in, I was over the moon. Sadly upon further investigation I discovered it was near impossible to get these covers in South Africa at the moment. So I wondered if I could create one myself, and turns out...I could!

I went to my local shopping centre and found a reasonably cheap, clear cover that fits my cell phone (I have an iPhone 5S). Then all you need is a photocopied page from your favourite colouring book, a sharp pencil, scissors and of course some pencil crayons.

Place the cell phone cover over your photocopied picture and line it up as desired. Then, using a sharp pencil, trace around the cover and the little hole for the phone's camera. 
*Note: You can turn the cover over so that it is flat against the paper - this will make it easier to trace around, but remember your picture will be flipped then. I did it that way - I placed my page against a window so that I could see the design through the paper and I traced onto the back of the page.

Using a sharp pair of scissors cut along your traced lines. You might need to trim it down slightly to get it to fit into the cover nicely.

Then comes the best part - colour in your new phone cover! 

I did three of them, which means I can easily and quickly change up my cover as and when I feel like a change.

And voilá! It's as easy as that! Have fun!

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